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"Slutty Study Group"
Grace and her friends are flunking out of school. They got together one weekend to study and try to pass their final so they can graduate and asked Brian, the school geek, if he would help them out. They knew he would say yes because the school nerd would never say no to helping out the classes baddest bitches! When he got there, he knew he had his work cut out for him when he saw all they had done was doodle all over their notebooks! These chicks weren't paying any attention to the help, and wanted to have some fun instead. They all flashed their boobs and dared him to pull out his cock so they could see what he was working with. This lucky nerd got his man-meat sucked nice and sloppy by Sasha while the rest of the girls cheered. She also got her insides rearranged as their audience happily watched. Can you believe that after Brian successfully deposited his cumshot in the back of Sasha's throat that these girls had the balls to kick him out?! I thought he was there to help... More inside!
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